Born and bred in NC. Spent 2 years in NYC but back in the Tar Heel State. I work with venture-backed companies that are trying to change the world. Along the way I've developed a few thoughts on the world of venture capital, venture debt, technology, start-ups and what it means to be an entrepreneur. This is where I share those thoughts.


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Understanding Venture Debt

One of the goals of this blog is to provide a detailed look at the world of venture debt.  Below is a list of links to specific topics related to the world of venture debt.

Disclaimer: I say it on my home page but I’ll say it again here: the thoughts shared in these posts are solely mine and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Square 1 Bank.

What is Venture Debt?

Banks vs. Funds

Lenders, VCs & the Implicit Contract

Venture Debt Covenants, Part I

Venture Debt Covenants, Part II

Venture Debt & Warrants

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